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Retirement Path Canada Inc.  

Insurance & Investments

  At Retirement Path Canada we help you to achieve your financial goals whatever they may be!

Insurance Advice

We offer you a wide range of Life Insurance products through our different carriers specializing in Non-medical insurance with guaranteed acceptance with some of the most competitive companies and products in Canada. Our company gives you the best prices on  Life Insurance, Health and Dental Insurance, Travel Insurance,Disability and Critical Illness Coverage.

Investment Advice

We understand that in today's economy we must think outside the box and deliver solutions that meet today’s challenges. We find the highest returns for your investments measuring out unnecessary risk. Our diverse portfolios include affordable investments options with the top companies in Canada so you can meet your investment goals according to your needs.

Retirement Planning

Retirement may not be as far as you think and you want to be prepared when the time comes having enough income to get the life style you have been dreaming off and deserve. We offer retirement planning services to secure your financial future, specializing in guaranteed income for life through our different types of investment strategies so you can achieve your retirement goals whatever they may be.

Mortgage Protection 
Many home buyers, especially first-timers opt for a mortgage insurance product through the bank or lender when buying a house but did you know Life Insurance is actually less expensive, your benefit does not decrease with the time and unlike mortgage insurance, you don't need to apply for a new policy if you decide to change lenders or sell and buy a new home.